ROCKY BATCHELOR IS AN INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNISED PHOTOGRAPHER KNOWN FOR THE EXTRAORDINARY WAY IN WHICH HE CAN CAPTURE SPONTANEOUS, INTIMATE, NEW PERSPECTIVES THROUGHOUT EACH OF HIS PROJECTS. BATCHELOR’S WORK HAS BEEN EXHIBITED IN OVER 50 PUBLICATIONS, INCLUDING 11 INTERNATIONAL COVERS. IN 2014 HE RELEASED A BODY OF WORK AS CREATIVE DIRECTOR AT THE REQUEST OF HIS CLIENTS WHICH SAW HIM AS A TRUSTED BRAND COLLABORATOR WITH FULL CREATIVE DIRECTION SERVICES IN the Commercial world here in Australia, and on an International scale.......... Would your brand benefit from having world class media and a social media footprint? BY Placing your BRAND/ product amongst some of the industries leading Influencers as they adventure, campaign and hype your product in the ever-growing Social media marketplace... Using world class, viral media, BATCHELOR CONTINUES TO INSPIRE AND BE A CREATIVE FORCE within the media industry For all of his projects and represented clients


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