Rocky Batchelor.

A commercial creative for 8 years. Originating in New Zealand, the Australian-based photographer / videographer has delivered projects across 17 countries.

His unique approach to working with clients is focussed not only on the role of a creative partner, but also as an integral member of the client’s commercial team. His consultative approach involves taking the time to understand both the creative requirements and commercial objectives to ensure his project deliverables are relevant and instrumental within the execution of the business goals. His long-term working relationships with both start-ups and established corporations in the fashion, media and real-estate space are a testament to the success of this approach.

Commercial Clients

Content Packages.

From social media content to end-to-end production. A small social campaign or a large-scale multi-talent production.

All content packages are specifically designed and tailored to the client’s commercial needs and to maximise value across the desired platforms. Rocky’s close working relationship with his team of second camera operators, sound design engineer, website designer, wardrobe stylists and location scouts mean that there are no limits to just how big your production can be.

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